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Middled Aged Blonde with Short Hair
July 24, 2018

Many patients in Centennial have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. The good news is with the advancements made in the dental industry in recent years, replacing teeth has never been easier. The All on 4 method is essentially a way to replace an entire mouth full of teeth with only four dental implants. A common misconception people have when they have several missing......

Elderly Couple Joyfully Brushing Their Teeth
December 27, 2018

Many Aurora men and women who have been considering dental implants have most likely found themselves considering the All-on-4 dental implant option. This is a great option for people who have very damaged teeth, or who only have a partial set of teeth because it provides these patients with a whole new set of teeth. However, as you can imagine, having a whole new set......