What Does Jaw Surgery Correct?

When your jaws don’t properly align, or if your teeth don’t quite fit within your jaw, you may be a candidate for jaw surgery. This is different from an orthodontic procedure, which is designed to straighten teeth only. Going through jaw surgery is usually a relief for Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients since their teeth will meet properly and be able to function normally. Also, your facial appearance can improve when your jaws are aligned correctly.

The word “surgery” is usually intimidating for everyone, but in this case, there are many more benefits than consequences especially when your surgeon is Dr. Bryce Williams.

How You Can Develop Jaw Problems

Many times jaw problems are simply the result of hereditary influences. In some cases, however, trauma to the face can cause the jaws to become misaligned and require treatment. Either way, if you develop jaw problems, surgery is a way to correct them quickly and easily.

Common issues people have with their jaws include difficulty biting, chewing, swallowing, speech difficulty, long-term oral health concerns, protruding jaws, and potential breathing problems. Sometimes the symptoms of problematic jaws are detectable at an early age. But since your jaws grow slowly over time, issues could slowly develop as you get older. Either way, Dr. Williams can correct them for you. While his background in surgical procedures is extensive, Dr. Williams also approaches each case with an artistic eye to make sure that the visual appearance of jaw surgery is addressed as well as function. Both aspects work hand-in-hand to help his patients feel incredible with their results.

The Role Technology Plays in Jaw Surgery

Dr. Williams uses the most modern technology to approach jaw surgery. At your initial consultation, he will demonstrate the process by showing you exactly what he will do with your jaws; patients know precisely what to expect before they commit to going through with the surgery. If nothing else, the technology Dr. Williams uses will give you the opportunity to see how much your appearance will improve following the surgery. This can be an immensely rewarding part of the process, seeing a patient’s face light up after seeing how their appearance has changed. Though the true reward comes with the improved quality of life that comes with increased health.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

At Williams Dental Implant and Oral Surgery, we are passionate about educating our patients about their clinical treatment options. If you are unsure about where to go or how to address your oral health concerns, we invite you to come chat with Dr. Williams and his team.

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Expectations Before, During and After Jaw Surgery

Having the proper expectations when considering jaw surgery will make the process much easier. Jaw surgery is a major procedure, so having Dr. Williams perform it for you is a major benefit for not only your results but also your peace of mind throughout the process. He prepares his Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients for several months before the procedure and works with your regular dentist and orthodontist to ensure everyone is on the same page and dedicated to giving you have the best outcome possible.

The jaw surgery could take up to four hours, and you may need to recover with us for a few days before you get to go home. Going through the surgery is simple and stress-free since you are sedated and unable to feel anything.

During the recovery phase, you will have to take it easy. Dr. Williams recommends taking at least two weeks off from your normal work or school activities, but he will evaluate you to determine whether you should refrain from these activities for a longer time. Your weekly appointments with Dr. Williams will be informative and uplifting, as he loves seeing progress in each of his Centennial, Aurora and Denver Metro area patients. The recovery process can take several months, but knowing Dr. Williams is with you every step of the way helps you get through both mentally and physically.

What Makes Dr. Bryce Williams Different?

When you visit Dr. Williams for any procedure, including jaw surgery, you aren’t just another number. He puts all his time and energy into focusing on each patient’s specific needs. Dr. Williams takes pride in making his patients not only feel better but look better, too.

His early dental experience is similar to many of his Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients. When suffering severe facial trauma as a child, he had to go through multiple surgeries to fix and replace teeth. It was during this long process when he gained an interest in dentistry, and his surgeon was willing to work with him and mentor him. The guidance his surgeon provided – and still gives him, has molded Dr. Williams into the phenomenal surgeon he is today.

Williams Dental Implant and Oral Surgery takes pride in creating a relaxing atmosphere every time you walk through our door. We not only understand patients who have dental anxiety, but we also embrace those patients and take the extra steps to ensure their comfort and confidence. If you’re in the Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area and are having jaw problems, call (303) 493-1933 to schedule a consultation today.