What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a type of bone grafting procedure that is designed to encourage bone growth above the ridge of the gum line, but in the floor of the maxillary sinus, that anchors teeth into the upper jaw. The end goal is to create more vertical bone space to allow dental implants to be securely placed.

If you aren’t familiar with your sinuses, here’s a summary of why a sinus lift is important. Your maxillary sinuses are located behind the cheeks, just above the upper teeth. The maxillary sinuses are simply air-filled spaces, but some roots of the upper teeth can extend into the sinuses. Following the removal of those upper teeth, a very thin wall of bone separates the mouth from the maxillary sinus. With the sinus wall becoming thinner from the removal, it can be difficult to safely place an implant in that place. A sinus lift strengthens the wall to allow a stronger base anchor for the implants to be placed far more securely.

How to Know if You’re a Candidate

Many Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients aren’t aware they need a sinus lift. Candidates for a sinus lift include people who may be:

  • Missing bone from the back of your jaw;
  • Missing teeth for any reason;
  • Missing multiple teeth from the back of your jaw; and
  • Missing a significant amount of maxillary teeth and need additional support.

The way to know if you’re a candidate for a sinus lift is to call Dr. Bryce Williams. All it will take is a simple evaluation to determine whether a sinus lift allows you to be a dental implant candidate.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The sinus lift procedure is actually much simpler than it sounds. Dr. Williams will first ensure you are completely comfortable and that the right amount of anesthesia has been administered so you won’t feel anything besides a little pressure. He will make a tiny incision in the molar region to expose the jawbone and then cut a small opening into the bone itself. The membrane that lines the sinus is then pushed upward to expose the underlying space, which is then filled with bone grafting material.

At that point, Dr. Williams will finish the process, and the healing will begin. It may take several months, but the bone grafting material will eventually become a part of your jaw and provide enough strength for dental implants to be inserted into the jaw bone.

The Results are Worth Waiting for

Now that you know the details of a sinus lift, we are here to tell you the process is simple, especially when Dr. Williams is working with you. In most cases, the only alternative to a sinus lift is wearing loose dentures, which is not an ideal situation for most patients. Dr. Williams is focused on results from the time you begin your initial consultation to the time the healing process is completed following your procedure. The hardest thing for many of our Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients is waiting for the healing process to be completed before the implants can be placed. However, good results require patience, so Dr. Williams works with his Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients throughout the process to help them focus on the outcome.

We Help Fill Your Needs

Even though most sinus lift procedures are very similar, Dr. Williams and our team understand all of our Centennial, Aurora, and Denver Metro area patients have specific needs. Whether you want more or less anesthesia, we will honor your request. Comfort is our number one priority, and it helps us deliver the optimal results.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Williams, we encourage you to be open and honest when explaining any concerns you have about getting a sinus lift. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to tell us about any previous dental experiences you have had in the past. The more we know about you, the better. The information you provide us with allows us to deliver the results you desire.


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About Dr. Bryce Williams

Dr. Bryce Williams gained an interest in dentistry at an early age because of an unfortunate circumstance. He suffered severe facial trauma, which required multiple surgeries to fix broken teeth and replace missing teeth. He maintained a positive attitude throughout the process and took it more as a learning experience than anything else. His surgeon at the time became his mentor, helping him to become one of the most prominent oral surgeons in Colorado.

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